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Enemy At The Gates in Strongholds which is a professional Neverwinter Diamonds selling site will give you a simple introduction of enemy at the gates in strongholds. The guild fend off the orcs in the various Heroic Encounters, such as recovering stolen supplies, aiding Stronghold guards in repelling orc attacks, and rescuing townsfolk from orc camps.

The guild progresses as the guild ranks up, and eventually your guild can repel the majority of the Many-Arrow Orcs. The majority of the Many-Arrow Orc army will be defeated. A large army of hired mercenaries are next to try and take control of the Stronghold, seeking to steal all the guild's supplies and kill anyone even associated with the guild. The Many-Arrow Orcs and Foreign Mercenaries are two out of the five enemy groups that will be attacking the guild.

There are many other smaller groups: beasts, spiders, drakes, and even devils, all with their own Heroic Encounters. There are three unique Heroic Encounters in the Stronghold involving powerful enemies that have taken notice of your guild, such as a pair of beholders seeking to make a lair in your land!

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