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Guild Coffers in Neverwinterdiamonds where sell Neverwinter Diamonds will talk about the guild coffers in Neverwinter. The coffers are the guild's central repository for all the materials needed to build and upgrade structures.

There are three main categories of resources the stronghold needs, each of which can accept different contributions from players. Resources is the first category, it includes the base materials and a group of new items, called Shards of Power. These are earned as rewards from heroic encounters and for completing quests offered by stronghold NPCs. Treasures is the second category, it includes the various currencies and four new items earned by completing quests granted by NPCs in some of the structures the guild can build.

Stockpile is the third category, it includes gear, gems, gold and Astral Diamonds. This gives guild members an alternative to discarding unwanted gear or selling it for gold. Anyone in the guild can donate to the guild's coffers and help the guild reach its goals, but only guild leaders can set the goals. After the goal is reached, the guild leaders can travel out to the plot to be developed and start construction.

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