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Lifecycle of Stronghold in Neverwinterdiamonds

The Strongholds expansion adds a whole new dimension to Neverwinter, the players in a guild work together to build their own fortified area within the Sword Coast. For the cheapest Neverwinter Astral Diamonds, click

A group of dedicated NPCs works for the guild, keeping the affairs of the stronghold in order and offering quests to accumulate the resources needed to develop the stronghold. As the stronghold advances, those overgrown ruins are gradually cleared, allowing the guild to build structures on the plots. After meeting the team, the guild must build the first structure, a lumberyard in a forested area near the keep.

The guild must acquire various resources and place them in the guild coffers. With the lumberyard constructed, the guild must decide what to build next. Some provide the resources the stronghold requires to grow, others provide unique boons to the players in the guild, while others aid the guild in massive stronghold PvP battles. With more structures available than plots on which to build, the guild will need to decide which structures support their playstyle.

Guild Coffers in Neverwinterdiamonds
Stronghold Map in Neverwinterdiamonds
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