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Required Resources in Stronghold where sell cheap Neverwinter Diamonds will talk about the resources required to build the various structures available to the guild's stronghold. Most building blocks the stronghold requires are gathered by players as they complete quests and heroic encounters.

The guild's first task is to construct a Lumberyard. Then the guild must build a Farm, a Quarry, and a Mine. These structures must be built in order and cannot be destroyed, to ensure the guild always has a ready supply of raw materials. These structures generate their particular resources and store them until collected. Players must visit the structure and tend the building to collect the accumulated resources.

It is important for the guild to check these structures. The more the guild improves the Milling Yard, the greater that boost to the Lumberyard. There is one of these boosting structures for the production structures, but guilds have a limited number of plots for those structures, and must weigh the benefits of boosting resources against the other options available.

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