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Stronghold Map in Neverwinterdiamonds

As with any new adventure zone in Neverwinter, players start with the initial block out of terrain and first pass propping. This helps get in an early feel for size and gameplay room. When gameplay has been roughed in, the environment team can begin finalizing the map.

It means sculpting terrain into its final forms with mountains ranges and roads as well as working with design to come up with unique, lore driven areas in the land surrounding your guild Stronghold. This choice enabled the environment team to hand craft a new stronghold village kit and create all new structures that players will be able to build throughout the map with your guild mates, as well as new Stronghold castle art.

The Stronghold map needed to have enough room for guilds to build structures around the map along with PvE adventure zone type gameplay. This meant making very distinct areas that felt different and played into the back story and lore of the surrounding land and Stronghold itself. In the end, welcome to buy the cheapest Neverwinter Diamonds on

Lifecycle of Stronghold in Neverwinterdiamonds
Some Details of Neverwinter
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